tipularia cover 1999tipularia cover 1997tipularia cover 1995 Tipularia is the full-color botanical journal published by The Georgia Botanical Society. It documents the interesting plants, locations and people in Georgia botany. Some of the writers are distinguished botanists and professors; some are long-standing amateurs with expert knowledge; some are students of southeastern botany. Tipularia is published once a year, and is sent free of charge to all members of The Georgia Botanical Society. Non-members may order copies by contacting Richard Ware at 2 Idlewood Court NW, Rome, GA 30165-1210. Back issues, when available, are $6 for 1991 and before, $10 for post-1991 issues. If you would like to subscribe to Tipularia (without becoming a GA BotSoc member) please contact Richard Ware.Tipularia Editors: Richard and Teresa Ware, 706-232-3435, gabotany@comcast.net

Tipularia Art Director: Brad Sanders, 706-548-6446, bsandersga@fevertreepress.com

Back issues and non-member subscriptions:
Richard Ware, 706-232-3435, gabotany@comcast.net

Click on Tipularia Index to download an Index (PDF file) of all editions of Tipularia from 1986 to 2014

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Please click on the Addendum to download a PDF of to the keys and bibliography to Lilium that were inadvertently left out of Jim Drake’s article in the 2009 edition of Tipularia. Please fold and insert this document at the end of the article.

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