The Georgia Botanical Society is a group of folks who get together to…

  • Promote the understanding and appreciation of plants and their relationship to the environment, as well as the study of botanical sciences.
  • Undertake or support the setting apart of appropriate areas in Georgia for the preservation of native and cultivated flora for the enjoyment of the public.
  • Encourage the protection of rare and endangered plant species and significant botanical habitats.
  • Promote the conservation of botanical resources and encourage the practice of a conservation ethic.

Membership is open to all, with a basic membership fee of $25 per calendar year. Join us to enjoy the many benefits of membership, including:

Our journal, Tipularia, which is published once a year. Tipularia is filled with beautiful photographs and interesting articles about botany in Georgia. 
Our newsletter, The BotSoc News, which is published seven times a year. This newsletter keeps members informed of the society’s activities, includes reports about our many field trips throughout the state, and provides interesting, timely articles on many botanical subjects.
Field trips and workshops throughout the year, led by knowledgeable botanists to interesting botanical and geologic sites throughout Georgia. We typically sponsor more than 25 field trips and workshops a year to explore areas from the mountains to the coast and to learn field identification skills. Please visit our field trip schedule for more information. Simply show up at the site to join the trip.
An annual Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage, which consists of an overnight two- to three-day weekend in an interesting part of the state. Multiple field trips, speakers, workshops and a banquet, all at an amazingly low price, make this one of the Georgia Botanical Society’s most popular offerings.