Field trips/workshops

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Workshop materials on asters, hickories, oaks, and winter tree ID

All field trips are open to all folks interested in Georgia’s native plants. Trips usually start at 10:00 am on Saturdays. Directions to the meeting site are published monthly in our newsletter, BotSoc News. Simply show up at the meeting site to join the trip. All field trips are tentative and subject to change. Before heading out to a BotSoc trip, it’s a good idea to check with the contact person listed for that field trip, or the field trip chair, Mike Christison, We rarely cancel a trip, but they do change occasionally.

Newcomers are encouraged to ask questions and not be intimidated when some of our leaders become involved in esoteric discussions like whether that protrusion at the end of a leaf is a spine or a bristle. “What is it? How can you tell? Does it have a use?” are always in order. We’ve heard more dumb answers than dumb questions! Many of our members simply enjoy seeing beautiful plants in natural settings; some go well beyond that. We accommodate all levels of interest enthusiastically!