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Author Topic: Grand Botanizing: Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park  (Read 2628 times)
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I maintain a membership in the Wyoming NPS and the current newsletter contains registration information for this year's annual meeting (title is the subject of the post) which will be July 11-13.   Most events are open and there are multiple outstanding events on the docket, including a pre-meeting lecture (July 10 -Thursday evening) by a graduate student (Dave Scott, from my alma mater - University of Wyoming) who just completed a floristic inventory of the Teton Mountains and adjacent Pinyon Peak Highlands.

If anyone is intersted in vacationing out that way around that time and would like to drop in for a different falvor of botanizing, I can provide you with the information (events and registration).

You can click on my name and get my email address to reach me or just click on the envelope to the left.

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