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Author Topic: The Lycopdiums of Georgia  (Read 4500 times)
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« on: April 22, 2012, 03:20:44 AM »

Below is a listing of the members of the Lycopodiums that are native to Georgia. Recently the members of this group have been reclassified and a new taxonomic treatment has been developed. I am herein following the treatment of the lycopodium groups as per Arthur Haines, who is associated with the Delta Institute of Natural History.
His treatment of native lycopodium species divides them into two families: the Huperziaceae and the Lycopodiaceae


    1. Hyperzia appressa = Huperzia appalachiana

    2. Huperzia lucidula = Lycopodium lucidulum


    1. Dendrolycopodium obscurum = Lycopodium obscurum

    2. Diphasiastrum digitatum = Lycopodium digitatum

    3. Diphasiastrum tristachyum = Lycopodium tristachyum

    4. Lycopodiella alopecuroides

   5. Lycopodiella appressa

   6. Lycopodiella caroliniana

   7. Lycopodiella cernua

   8. Lycopodiella prostrata

    9. Lycopodium clavatum

   There is alot of ambiguity about the correct scientific names. I am more or less following the USDA
   though I accept the Huperziaceae as a valid taxon as its members are decidedly different from the
   members of the Lycopodiaceae. Note accepts different generic names on some of the
   species of Lycopodiella. 

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As with the others, thanks for the info.  quite useful.

Rich Reaves
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