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Author Topic: Plant Family Characteristics Presentation (02/09/08)  (Read 3613 times)
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Just wanted to provide a little additional information on this presentation.  My aim is to provide folks with a general overview of common and readily identifiable characteristics of several families of plants, including some we will likely encounter on our 2008 Annual Sporing Wildflower Pilgrimage (Shameless Plug) at Statesboro.  The general approach will be that characteristics that can not be seen in the picture that will be on the screen will not be discussed (at least not in detail).  We will be limited by the photography skills that Anita & I possess.  Hopefully we can learn something and have some fun in the process.

While I will base the taxonomy on Weakley, I will discuss how other common references would classify these families where Weakley deviates from the more readily available printed material.

I encourage anyone with ideas/suggestions to let me know.  I am in the process of pulling this presentation together at present and it can be easily modified to include stuff I haven't yet thought of.

Also, rememebr that Jim Drake will liven things up after I get through with spectaculr photogrpahs of various lilies that grow in Georgia and the surrounding areas.
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