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2010 Natural history science field seminars ... Advanced, professional, specialty, and introductory field seminars ... Offered by the Humboldt Institute
On the Maine coast ... Between Acadia National Park and Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge

Introduction to Bryophytes:    May 23 - 29. Alison C. Dibble

Inventory and Monitoring of Amphibians and Reptiles:    May 23 - 29. Bryan  Windmiller

Introduction to Modern Phylogenetic Methods:    May 30 - Jun 5. Brigid O'Donnell and Hillary McManus

Lichen Chemistry: Spot Tests and TLC in Lichen Identification:   Jun 6 - 12. Scott LaGreca and Thorsten Lumbsch

Liverworts and Liverwort Ecology:   Jun 6 - 12. Blanka Shaw and Jon Shaw

Sterile Crustose Lichens: An Introduction with Special Emphasis on Identification:   Jun 13 - 19. James C. Lendemer

Lepidoptera of the Northeast: Taxonomy, Ecology, and Biomonitoring of Butterflies and Moths:    Jun 13 - 19. Brian Scholtens

Black and White Natural History Illustration Techniques:   Jun 20 - 26. Jeanne Kunze

Applied Field and Laboratory Identification of Northeastern Freshwater Fish:   Jun 20 - 26. David Halliwell

Sedges, Rushes, and Grasses: Advanced Taxonomy and Ecology of Wetland and Upland Species:   Jun 27 - Jul 3. Anton A. Reznicek

Freshwater Invertebrates and their Ecology:   Jun 27 - Jul 3. Steven K. Burian

Dragonflies and Damselflies of the Northeast:   Jul 4 - 10. Ronald Butler

Botanical Illustration with Color Pencil:   Jul 4 - 10. Wendy Hollender

Botanical Illustration on Vellum and Paper: Botanical Portraiture and Microlandscapes:   Jul 11 - 17. Carol Woodin

Applied Field Identification of Sedges, Rushes, and Grasses:   Jul 11 - 17. Tyler Smith

Forest Ecosystem Analysis for Sustained Forestland Values and Uses:   Jul 11 - 17. Norman A. Richards

Wetland Identification and Delineation:   Jul 25 - 31. Robert W. Lichvar and Russell Pringle

Freshwater Diatoms: Taxonomy and Biomonitoring:   Jul 25 - 31. Jeffrey R. Johansen

Introduction to Marine Zooplankton Taxonomy and Ecology:   Jul 25 - 31. Ray P. Gerber

Salt Marsh Restoration Adapts to Global Climate Change:   Aug 1 - 7. Susan C. Adamowicz and David Burdick

Field Ecology of Coastal Maine for Teachers:   Aug 1 - 7. Edward W. Fisher

Mushrooms and Other Fungi:   Aug 8 - 14. Rosalind Lowen and Dianna Smith

The EPT Taxa: Taxonomy and Biomonitoring: Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera:   Aug 8 - 14. Steven K. Burian

Field Ecology of Coastal Maine for Teachers:   Aug 8 - 14. Edward W. Fisher

Lichens and Lichen Ecology:   Aug 15 - 21. David Richardson and Mark Seaward

Bryophytes and Bryophyte Ecology:   Aug 15 - 21. Nancy G. Slack

Spiders: Identification, Diversity, Ecology, and Biology:   Aug 15 - 21. Mathias Foellmer

Crustose Lichens: Identification Using Morphology, Anatomy, and Simple Chemistry:   Aug 22 - 28. Irwin M. Brodo

Taxonomy and Biology of Ferns and Lycophytes, with Guest Lectures on Isoetes:   Aug 22 - 28. Robbin Moran and W. Carl Taylor

Plants as Alternatives to Well-known Medicines, Spices,Teas, and Vegetables:   Aug 29 - Sep 4. James A. Duke

Flora of Coastal Habitats and Islands of Maine:   Aug 29 - Sep 4. Glen H. Mittelhauser

Alumni Labor Day weekend and week for independent study:   Sep 5 - 11.

Toxic and Look-Alike Mushrooms and the Management of Mushroom Toxicities: A Seminar for Emergency Care and Health Care Providers:   Sep 14 -18. John Saucier, Tamas R. Peredy, and Lawrence Leonard

Phytogeography and Taxonomy of the North American Flora:  Recent Advances in Digital Technology and the Development of Digital Floras as Research Tools:    Sep 19 - 25. John Kartesz

Biostructural Design in Ecological Restoration Projects, Including Soils Restoration:   Sep 19 - 25. John W. Munro

Integrated Ecological Restoration of Rivers and Streams:   Sep 26 - Oct 2. John W. Munro

Nurturing Biodiversity in the Managed Landscape: Gardening with Native Plants, Insects, and Wildlife:   Sep 26 - 30. Marjorie Peronto

Symposium: Alchemy, Hermeticism, and Islamic and Jewish Mysticism Around the Time of Chretien de Troyes:   Oct 10 - 16. Ingrid E. Lotze

Information on lodging options, meals, and costs may be found at

There is an online application form at

Descriptions and syllabi are available. Please let us know if we can help with questions. Prior discussions of personal study objectives are welcome.

Humboldt Institute, PO Box 9, Steuben, ME 04680-0009
207-546-2821, Fax 207-546-3042
E-mail -

In support of field biologists, researchers, field naturalists, faculty members, and students with interests in the natural history sciences, Eagle Hill offers specialty seminars at different ecological scales for those who are interested in understanding complex natural history questions. Seminars range from watershed level subjects, and subjects in classical ecology, to highly specialized seminars in advanced biology, taxonomy, and ecological restoration.

In support of scientific illustrators and artists, Eagle Hill offers a diverse range of workshops focusing on natural history art.

Eagle Hill has long been recognized as offering hard-to-find seminars and workshops which provide important opportunities for training and meeting others who are likewise dedicated to continually learning more about natural history.

Eagle Hill field seminars and workshops are of special interest because they focus on the natural history of one of North America's most spectacular and pristine natural areas, the coast of eastern Maine from Acadia National Park to Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge and beyond. Most seminars combine field studies with follow-up lab studies and a review of the literature. Additional information is provided in lectures, slide presentations, and discussions. Seminars  are primarily taught for people who already  have a reasonable background in a seminar program or in related subjects, or who are keenly interested in learning about a new subject.

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