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Author Topic: Stroud Creek Walk on April 11  (Read 3487 times)
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We had a very nice walk on a cool and damp day. As usual, Ben Cash took us to a marvelous spot. Right off the bat we were treated to leatherwood in flower.  As we worked our way up the ridge, we were variously treated to numeroud halberd-leaved violets, wood violets, and round-leaf violets.  These three violets were with us all morning and the halberd-leaved violets returned to cheer us up again in late afternoon as we neared ther end of the trip.  Rue anemone, trout lilies, star chickweed, and an abundance of bloodroot in bud (Some may have opened for us had the sun cooperated and brightened our walk - but the thick clouds prevented that.  Yellow root was blooming along the strerams at the lower elevations.

Ben also treated us to an nice viewing of many large tree specimens, particularly yellow wood and chestnut oak on the ascent and yellow buckeye on the descent.  He also asked any of us to identify a couple of particularly robust understory woody plants that turned out to be among the largest (diameter and height) devil's walking sticks I have ever encountered. 

The journey down the ridge was spectacular, with the ground carpeted with ramps, Dutchmans breeches, and squirrel corn.  While not much was blooming, it was still a sight to see. Fortunately, no one witnessed my spectacular 540 degree pirouette and face plant on the descent (Thanks to slipping on a downed log beneath the leaf litter.)- It pays to be slow and behind everyone else. At least the ground was soft where I chose to land.

A tip of the cap to Ben for an excellent trip.

Rich Reaves
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