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Author Topic: "Red-headed step-children” – part of the family or not?  (Read 3165 times)
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For those interested in why "those darned taxonomists" change names, Alan Weakley (author of the new flora of our area) has written a wonderful article titled “'Red-headed step-children' – part of the family or not?" that I--as editor--have included in the summer issue of Chinquapin, the newsletter of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society. Past issues are now being posted on the SABS website, but since this is the current issue it's available only to members. If anyone is interested in seeing this--and joining SABS--simply email me at and I'll send you a PDF of the issue.

He specifically deals with:

Amphianthus is now a Gratiola
Nemopanthus are now simply Ilex
Duchesnea is now included in Potentilla
Belamcanda is longer isolated away from Iris
Cimicifuga is no more and is an Actea the way Linneaus thought it was
Dodecatheon are now included in Primula!
Leiophyllum and Loiseleuria are now included in Kalmia
and perhaps most heretical of all, Hepatica are no more since they're all Anemone.

It's great reading.

Scott Ranger

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