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Dedicated to the study and preservation of Georgia's wild, native,
rare and endangered wildflowers and plant life


Our Staff and Contact Information

Georgia BotSoc Wildflower Hotline: 770-417-5903

To join or get member information, contact: Anita Reaves, or call 770-827-5186

President: Leslie Edwards, 404-892-6026,

Vice - President: Ed McDowell, 478-929-1267,

Treasurer: Rich Reaves, 770-827-5186,

Secretary: Linda Chafin, 706-548-1697,

Field Trip Chair: Mike Christison, 770-973-6482,

Membership Chair: Anita Reaves, 770-827-5186,

Volunteer Coordinator: Jane Tessier, 770-723-0971,

BotSoc Boutique: Jenneke Somerville, 706-354-7837,

Marie Mellinger Grant Fund: Elaine Nash, 770-922-7292,

Pickett's Mill State Park Project: Elaine Nash, 770-922-7292,

Tipularia Chairman: Richard Ware, 706-232-3435,

Tipularia Editor: Brad Sanders, 706-548-6446,

Newsletter Managing Editor: Jean Smith, 706-783-2308,

Newsletter Trip Report Editor: Carol Howel Gomez, 706-624-9262,

Newsletter Art Editor: Fred Mileshko, 770-926-4262,

Webmaster: Fiona Dudley, 828-231-1501,

For membership information please contact:

Anita Reaves, Membership Chair


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