Friday, July 10, 2015, 5:00 pm, Tour of the Valdosta State University Herbarium, Lowndes County

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Field Trip Leader:  Richard Carter

Description:  We will tour the Valdosta State University Herbarium and see a short presentation on its history, significance, and special features, including digitization of the collection and the VSU Virtual Herbarium project.  The Valdosta State University Herbarium [VSC] is a regional collection of more than 71,000 accessioned, museum quality voucher specimens.  An important resource documenting the distribution of native and naturalized plant species in the state and the region, the herbarium is particularly rich in plants of the Georgia coastal plain and has extensive collections of graminoids, ferns, and bryophytes.  It includes significant collections by C.T. Bryson, R. Carter, W.R. Faircloth, R.K. Godfrey, R. Kral, and R.K. Lampton.  The herbarium collection is housed in a modern facility that allows constant control of temperature and relative humidity to archival specifications.  The Valdosta State University Herbarium actively lends and exchanges specimens for use in scientific research at herbaria throughout the country, and herbarium personnel routinely identify specimens and provide data to a variety of researchers throughout the state and region.  Additional information about the Valdosta State University Herbarium can be found at

Location & Directions:  Location: Bailey Science Center [30.850337, -83.289211], Valdosta State University, Valdosta, Georgia.  Directions: Take I-75 exit 18 east onto St. Augustine Road.  Travel east on St. Augustine Road 0.35 mile and take a left onto Gornto Road.  Travel north on Gornto Road 0.35 mile and turn right onto Baytree Road.  Travel east on Baytree Road 2.0 miles until you reach the T-intersection with North Oak Street at the Valdosta State University main campus.  Turn left onto North Oak Street.  Travel north 0.3 mile to Georgia Avenue.  Turn right and travel east on Georgia Avenue about 0.2 mile.  You will see several parking lots on your left along the north side of Georgia Avenue.  You may park in any of these lots without a parking permit after 3 pm Friday.  Walk a short distance south across Georgia Avenue past Powell Hall, and you will see the Bailey Science Center, a very large three-story building just south of Powell Hall.  The herbarium is accessible through Room 1040 on the first floor of Bailey Science Center and will be visible through windows near the east end of the atrium.

Meet.   5:00 pm  Bailey Science Center, Room 1040.

Bathroom Facilities: yes

Walking Difficulty: easy

Bring: If there is interest, the group might eat dinner at a local restaurant.

Contact: Richard Carter,, 229-222-5338 (work), 229-506-2099 (cell)

July 11 and 12, 2015, Roadside Botanizing, Waycross to Folkston, and Okefenokee Swamp, Ware and Charlton Counties

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Roadside Botanizing: Waycross to Folkston and the general area (Saturday – July 11) and Eastern Okefenokee Swamp and Night-Flowering Wild Petunia (Sunday – July 12), Southeast Georgia

Platanthera nivea

Platanthera nivea

July 11:  10:00 AM,

Meet at: Hampton Inn Waycross

Description: We will travel along Hwy 82 take 301 south to Folkston, then take GA 23 south past the entrance to the Okefenokee toward the St. Marys River (the southernmost point in GA).  We will poke around on some of the side roads and eventually take GA 23 back north to return to the hotel We will investigate interesting stuff along the road such as few-flowered milkweed (Asclepias lanceolata), short-stemmed meadow beauty (Rhexia petiolata), Pickering’s dawnflower (Stylisma pickeringi), snowy orchid (Platanthera nivea), yellow meadow beauty (Rhexia lutea), and Bartram’s rose gentian (Sabatia bartramii). We also may re-encounter large-flowered rose gentian (Sabatia grandiflora).  We will be a little flexible in what we do, as the flowers will dictate where we ultimately go.

Sabatia bartramii

Sabatia bartramii

Directions: Take I-75 south to US 82. Take US 82 east to Waycross. Hampton Inn is on US 82 just past intersection with US 1.

Bring: Lunch to eat on the road – purchase along the way will be difficult due to extremely sparse pickings, water, bug spray.

Walking: Short excursions along the roadside, never out of sight of the vehicles – can be muddy or wet.

Facilities: Possible at stores/stops along route, but unlikely after leaving hotel.

Carpooling is encouraged to make pulling off easier for our roadside botanizing.Asclepias lanceolata

July 12: 7:00 AM (Note Early Start Time – Yes you read that correctly! We go in search of night-flowering wild petunia in the early morning before the flowers drop prior to heading off into the swamp.)

Meet at: Hampton Inn Waycross

Description: We will start the day heading back to 301 south to look for the Ruellia.  After that we have options:

Gordonia lasianthus

Gordonia lasianthus

We can head past Folkston to the Okefenokee NWR (ENTRY FEE REQUIRED), where we would drive to the Chesser Island parking area (stopping along the way to view the plants) and walk the boardwalk.

We could bypass the Okefenokee and enjoy the roadsides of 301 and 1 again, eventually ending up on with an excursion along GA 177 south for nice roadside stuff there. Along this road we normally see much interesting stuff, such as non-blooming pitcher plants (Sarracenia minor and Sarracenia psitticina), more snowy orchids and rose gentians, spoonflower (Peltandra sagittifolia), narrow-leaf barbara’s buttons (Marshallia tenuifolia) loblolly bay (Gordonia lasianthus) and others.

Marshalia tenuifolia

Marshalia tenuifolia

Directions: same as the July 11, just starting much earlier.

Bring: Lunch to eat on the road, water, bug spray.

Walking: Short excursions along the roadside or the prairie boardwalk at Okefenokee NWR.  Usually within sight of the vehicles (except boardwalk) but it can be muddy/wet.

Facilities: Possible at stores/stops along route, but unlikely after leaving hotel.

Ruellia noctifloraDE

Night Flowering Wild Petunia, Ruellia noctiflora

Carpooling is encouraged to make pulling off easier for our roadside botanizing.

Contact: Rich Reaves   rich.reaves@    770-827-5186 – cell but may not have service once out of town


July 25, 2015, Lakeside Trail at Lake Winfield Scott (following annual meeting which starts at 10AM), Union County

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July 25, 2015 – Lakeside Trail at Lake Winfield Scott (following annual meeting which starts at 10AM)

Trip Leader:  Linda Chafin

Description:  We will follow the trail around Lake Winfield Scott and, if time permits, through the campground. We will likely see Orange-Fringed Orchid, Rattlesnake Orchid, Starry Campion, Featherbells, Aureolaria, Joe-Pye Weed, and many other species of composites in flower.

Directions:  From Atlanta, take GA 400 north for about 60 miles, until it ends just south of Dahlonega.  Turn left there onto Ga Hwy 60 and take GA 60 toward and around Dahlonega.  Continue for about 15 miles on Hwy 60, heading toward Suches through the National Forest.  You will drive through Stone Pile Gap, bearing to the left at the pile of rocks to stay on GA 60. Continue uphill, crossing Woody Gap, then going downhill, passing Woody Lake on the right.  Shortly after the lake, watch for Ga Hwy 180 on the right (there is a service station/convenience store at that corner).  Turn right on Hwy 180 and go for about 4.5 miles.  Turn right into Lake Winfield Scott Recreation Area, stop to pay the $5 entrance fee, then continue to the parking area above the lake.

Meet At:  The parking lot above the Lake Winfield Scott bath house.

Facilities:  At the convenience store and at the bath house on the lake near the meeting site.

Walking:  Easy, 1 – 2 miles with the option to return to your own car at any point. The lakeside trail is flat but has lots of exposed roots that make a walking stick useful, and the campground roads are paved.

Bring:  Five dollars (per vehicle) for entrance fee to Lake Winfield Scott, sturdy shoes for hiking, trekking poles, rain gear (you never know!), lunch, extra water.

Contact:  Linda Chafin,, 706-548-1697

August 1, 2015 9:00 am, Hard Labor Creek State Park, Woodland Spider Lily, Morgan County

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Field Trip Leaders:  Hugh Nourse, Carol Nourse, Kathy Stege 

Description:  The new bike trail at Hard Labor Creek State Park goes along a lovely creek with rock outcroppings.  Park historians say the riparian area has been logged, though not extensively, and was never farmed.  There’s a delightful shady forest trail with the most Carolina spiderlily (Hymenocallis caroliniana) the three leaders have ever seen in the wild; last year there were about 30 clumps of 10-40 lilies each.  We hope to catch them in full glory again this year.  There’s additional fall forest growth to explore.

Location & Directions:  Hard Labor State Park, Rutledge GA

Meet:  9:00 am at the visitor center (Note early meeting time).  There is a $5/vehicle parking fee.

Bathroom Facilities: Clean flush toilets at the visitor center.  Thick shrubs on the trail.

Walking Difficulty: This hike is moderate, including a stream crossing and ~2 miles walk. We’ll picnic by the stream, and cool our feet in it.  Be aware: this time of year, the yellow jackets are angry.  Kathy plans to hike further after botanizing, so feel free to come along for a vigorous 1 hour hike at the end.  Or you can simply wander back to the cars.

Bring: Lunch & water.  You may wish to bring binoculars, hand lens, notebook, and camera.

Contact: Kathy Stege 478-955-3422 (cell with coverage at park visitor center)

August 15, 2015, Pickett’s Mill State Historic Site, Paulding County

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Pickett’s Mill State Historic Site (Entry Fee Required)

Triphora trianthophora (20)

Three Birds Orchid, Triphora trianthophora

Atlanta Area (west of the city) 

Trip Leader: Rich Reaves

Meet:  10:00 am at the park visitor center

Description: The ultimate goal will be to see three bird’s orchid in bloom, although the plant and the weather may not cooperate.  There is a nice population of this species in the park and it has graced us with blooms at this time in the past.  We also will enjoy the other plants we find along our path.

Directions: Pickett’s Mill Battlefield Historic Site, 4432 Mt. Tabor Church Rd, Dallas, GA 30157

From I-75, about 15 miles north of Marietta, take exit 277 (Acworth/Hwy 92), and proceed south on GA 92.  Be careful: GA 92 makes several turns, including an unexpected right turn just off the freeway. Proceed for 12 miles heading south on GA 92 and turn right at the small, brown, state park sign onto Due West Road (NOT Due West Street!). In 1.8 miles, turn right onto Mt Tabor Church Road. The park entrance will be just a short distance on your right.

Walking: Easy to moderate, about 2 miles, with one fairly long climb on the way back

Facilities: at the visitor center.

Bring: water, snacks, bug spray.  This walk likely will not be of as long a duration as most BotSoc walks.  If you are so inclined, you may bring a lunch to eat at the picnic tables.

Contact: Rich Reaves   rich.reaves@    770-827-5186 – cell but may not have service at trailhead

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