September 2, 2017, Roadside Botanizing: Waycross to Folkston and the general area

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Roadside Botanizing: Waycross to Folkston and the general area

Meeting Time and Place: 12:00 Noon, Lowe’s Parking Lot on HWY 1 in Waycross

Description: We will travel along down HWY 1 toward Folkston.  Our first area to investigate will be along GA 177, heading to the entrance of Okeefenokee Swamp Park.  We will make stops along HWY 1 between there and Folkston.  From Folkston we will head south on GA 23 to a pull off at Spanish Creek.  Time permitting, we will continue south towards the Florida line or head into the Okeefenokee NWR (fee required) for the Swamp Island Drive.

These are places we visited earlier in the year and we will see how the early September flowers compare to those of the spring and early summer.  We have never had a BotSoc group in this area at this time of year, so we will see what we see. In addition to a host of composites and other late summer /early fall bloomers we should see on at least one of the days, pine lily (Lilium catesbaei), yellow fringed orchid (Platanthera ciliaris), and crested yellow orchid (Platanthera cristata).  As a visual bonus, Bartram’s rose gentian (Sabatia docandra  –  formerly S. bartramii), a star of the early summer trip, may still be blooming in places.  We will see pitcher plants and sundews, but most likely not blooming.

Directions: Take I-75 south to US 82. Take US 82 east to Waycross. In Waycross, turn south on US 1 and Lowe’s will be on the between 1.1 and 1.2 miles after the turn.  Meet behind the Zaxby’s.

Bring: water, bug spray, shoes you do not mind getting wet. Plan to have an early lunch before we meet up. 

Difficulty: Short excursions along the roadside, never out of sight of the vehicles – can be muddy or wet.

Facilities: Possible at stores/stops along route, but infrequent after leaving Lowe’s.

Carpooling encouraged: to make pulling off easier for our roadside botanizing.

Trip Leader:    Rich Reaves,   rich.reaves@,    770-827-5186 – cell but may not have service once out of town