Saturday, September 13, 2014, Fall Line Sandhills WMA Followed by Botsoc Annual Meeting

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NOTE:  The Botsoc Annual Meeting follows today’s field trip.  Details are posted after the field trip write-up below.

Saturday,  September 13, 2014,  Fall Line Sandhills WMA,  10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Trip Leaders:   John Jensen and Hal Massie

Description:  Despite being one of the smallest wildlife management areas in Georgia, Fall Line Sandhills contains the highest density of state-listed species (animals and plants) of all. No less than 12 listed species, including at least six plants, are found here. The state’s largest population of federally listed pondberry is among them. Its bright red fruits are a rare sight and should be present. Other specialties at this site include sandhills golden aster, Pickering’s morning-glory, lax water-milfoil, and dwarf witch-alder. Late summer and early fall is a great time to visit the sandhills due to the high diversity of colorful composites in bloom. We’ll also explore depressional wetlands and seepage slopes.

Meet: 10:00 am. Location and Directions:  From the junction of GA Hwy 96 and US Hwy 19 in the town square of Butler (Taylor County), travel west on GA Hwy 96 for 2.6 miles (you will turn right at a stop sign to remain on 96 at about 2.4 miles) to Taylor County Industrial Park; turn right. We will meet at the entrance kiosk for the WMA which is immediately on the left after crossing the railroad tracks.

Bathroom Facilities:  None at site.

Walking:  Easy.

Bring: Lunch, snacks, water, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, and rain gear. The wetlands are usually low or dry at this time of year, but you are encouraged to bring, in addition to dry hiking shoes, hip boots, rubber boots, or shoes you don’t mind getting muddy in case of wet conditions. You may wish to bring binoculars, hand lens, notebook, and camera.

Contact: John Jensen, 478-550-4406 or <>

Georgia Botanical Society Annual Meeting  – Sept 13, 2014  3 P.M.,  
 following the Fall Line Sandhills WMA  field trip which ends at 2 P.M.

The meeting will take place at the Georgia DNR office at 116 Rum Creek Dr., Forsyth, GA 31029 in Monroe County, directly after the field trip to the Fall Line Sandhills WMA located inTaylor County.  Field trip attendees will caravan to Forsyth, GA for the meeting.  We will serve light refreshments, cold soft drinks and water. It is about a 45 minute drive from the WMA to the DNR office.


Welcome/Introduction - Vice President

Old Business – We have a proposal to amend the Bylaws as follows:

Currently the bylaws, specifically ARTICLE IV, Section 7, require that the election of officers be held during a meeting in September.  At a board meeting on May 4, 2012, a motion was made to amend the Bylaws to delete the words, “in September”  and in their place, add the words, “during the third quarter of the calendar year (the months of July, August or September”.)

This proposal was not presented to the full membership at that annual meeting due to low member turnout.  Since a Bylaws amendment requires a 2/3 vote of the members present, the motion was tabled until we have a meeting with a larger member turnout.

This change will allow the Vice President and the Field Trip Chair to officially begin work on the annual pilgrimage and the next year’s field trip schedule, earlier in the previous year. The Vice President and the Field Trip Chair do, in fact, begin work earlier on these projects, but may not officially hold these positions due to this timing problem.

This motion will synchronize their elections and/or Board appointments to the actual work schedule necessary to accomplish these tasks in a timely manner.

Officer/Committee Reports: Treasurer’s, Membership, Field Trips, Pilgrimage,Tipularia,  Newsletter,  Marie Mellinger Grant Program and Holiday Party plans.

New Business: 

Election of Officers –  Nominating Committee Chair will present the slate of officers and conduct the election.  After the election, the new officers will have photos taken and the meeting will be adjourned.

Board Members – Please note that immediately following the general business meeting, there will be a short Board of Directors’ meeting. Members are invited to stay for the Board Meeting.